I'm Deanna Newsome, an online business manager & systems expert.


Hi, I'm Deanna, an online business manager, tech lover, and systems expert. I've been working with amazing entrepreneurs like you for the past 10 years. Here's my "why."  

I believe that you can have it all. A booming business. An epic love. A life full of abundance. I work with passionate entrepreneurs who not only want to make an income online BUT who also want to make an impact in the world

Whether you are brand new in business, looking to take your existing business to the next level, or craving guidance and support from someone who has helped other online entrepreneurs grow their business to six figures and beyond – you are in the right place.

My services are most effective for online entrepreneurs who:  

  • Want help streamlining and/or automating their business systems  
  • Want to launch their first (or next) product, online course, membership site, or coaching program  
  • Are feeling "stuck" and overwhelmed when it comes to technology
  • Want to spend more time growing their business & less time working "in" their business.


Online Business Management

You are fantastic when it comes to creating your products, programs, or services. You love working with your clients, hosting your events, and attracting new clients or customers. But you feel stuck, lost, or overwhelmed when it comes to tracking all of the steps, tasks, and todos to get it all done. You have clear ideas of your goals but wish you had a "right hand" gal to organize it all and make it happen. You've been working with independant contractors like VAs, copywriters, and graphic designers but managing them feels hard. You have clear goals for your business but have a hard time creating the roadmap to get there. This is where I excel and what I love to do - Let's chat about how I can support you.


Virtual Assistance & Tech Support

You have clear goals and strategic plans for growing your business. You excel at creating content and working with your clients & customers. You are always coming up with new ideas but you don't have the time or tech skills to make them available online. Creating websites, optin pages, sales pages, setting up Facebook ads, or editing your audio/video is not your super power. You know exactly what you want to create but just need someone fast and reliable to make it happen. You want efficient support setting up marketing funnels so people can download or access your trainings, receive your emails , and buy your programs, products, or services. I love systems & tech. Let's chat about how I can help!

Did you know that hiring a virtual assistant can actually increase your profits?

Download my free report and discover how! Plus, I also share where you can find your virtual assistant + how to make sure its a successful experience.


I'd love to learn more about you and your business, plus share my thoughts on how I can best support you with achieving your business goals. Complete the short form below and we'll find the perfect time to connect!